A Smart Home

A Smart Home with Best Lenders In North Texas Dallas County

A Smart Home

“Smart Homes” sounds great but how “smart” are they? Sure, they allow you to control some things in your home from across town or across the globe but that’s not really “smart” – it’s just a remote control with really long arms. A true smart home actually works with you to improve your lifestyle and is customized specifically for you and the way you live. With a true smart home, different systems work together to create seamless environments that optimize the way you live and make your life easier.

Smart Examples

When you set your security system to “away,” the system knows you’re leaving so it puts your home into away mode by turning off the music system, TVs, and lights, then lowering the shades… all from a single button press on a phone, tablet, or keypad.

When you return, a thumbprint scan or code on your phone disarms the security and sets the home the way you like it. Your favorite music plays, and if it’s dark inside, a light path paves the way to the kitchen for easy entry. Those settings can be customized for each household member.

Watching a movie? In movie mode the screen drops and the lights dim, but when you pause the movie to grab more popcorn, the step-lights turn on to show you the way.

Skylights open in the great room? Great, your heating automatically shuts down there so you’re not letting energy fly out the hole in your ceiling. Of course, they automatically close, should rain dampen your day.

You’ll never again experience retina burn as the bathroom lights turn on after a deep slumber. Enter the master bathroom late at night and the lights automatically turn on to 25% power rather than 90%. Eyesight saved! (You’re welcome).

Home Network

Much of this whizzbang technology relies on your home network and recent studies highlight the importance of using enterprise-grade network security to keep your castle’s drawbridge up – so don’t skimp. Technology once reserved for Bill Gates or the NSA is now a phone call (or email) away.

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