Getting Started

First Steps To Getting Started With A Home Loan To Purchase a Home in DallasThe first step in the Home Buying Process or Refinancing Process is to submit a loan application and provide your supporting documents to get pre-approved. Please review the pages below and let us know if you have any questions.

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First Step To Get A Mortgage Loan Application With The Best Mortgage Lender in DallasLOAN APPLICATION First Steps Getting Started With A Home Loan Purchase in Dallas

The application is the first step and should take you about fifteen minutes to complete. Upon receipt, we will create a mortgage profile, pull a credit report, and call you to review the details and discuss the next course of action. The next step will be to submit your supporting documents so we can […]


Mortgage Paperwork Checklist for best mortgage lender in Dallas 20PRE-APPROVAL DOCUMENTS First Steps Getting Started With A Home Loan Purchase in Dallas

Check out our pre-approval checklist for the required paperwork to purchase or refinance home loan. By submitting this paper we can verify that there aren’t any major obstacles or hidden skeletons that can bite us later. You’re welcome to fax, email, or upload the docs. Please let us know if […]


Upload Mortgage Loan Documents with Best Lender in Dallas Texas 200UPLOAD DOCS

You may securely upload your loan documents using the options below. We do receive a notification when documents are uploaded; however, it is always prudent to send us an email once you have sent your documents so we can […]


Mortgage Payment Calculator for the best mortgage lender in Dallas 200PAYMENT CALCULATORS 

A mortgage payment calculator can help you estimate your monthly payment for your home loan. We have calculators for conventional, split financing (i.e. first and second), jumbo, FHA, VA, and USDA home loans. Our calculators are for fixed rate loans and provide rough estimates for the MI, closing costs, prepaids, and […]


Credit Basics and Score for buying a home with Top Lender in DallasCREDIT BASICS 

We will pull your credit for a pre-qualification and will update it a few days before closing. Credit is the major component of the main qualifiers: credit, income, and assets. You have three credit scores (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) and the mortgage world uses […]