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NEIGHBORHOOD Lake Highlands Join MortgageMark as he talks with Jami Mumley about why Lake Highlands is such a great place to live. Rockwall MortgageMark and Sarah Naylor discuss what you need to know about two great neighborhoods – High Point Lake and High Point Ranch in Rockwall, TX. MARKETING PROCESS Windsor Homes

Property Tax Home Valuation Dallas Real Estate and Top Lender in Dallas

Property Tax Home Valuations

Part of home ownership is paying property taxes and how much you pay in property taxes is determined by the tax rate and the county’s assessed value for your home. There are two ways to reduce your property taxes: 1) vote in local elections to keep the tax rate down, and 2) contest your property […]

After Closing A Home Loan

What to Expect After Closing on a Home Loan

After closing a home loan with the best mortgage lender in Dallas (#humble, #SEO) there are still some “to do” items to save you time and money. Therefore, we’ve compiled a helpful list since we want to be your top recommended mortgage broker in Dallas. Our recommendation is to set appointments with yourself on your calendar […]