Credit Approval

There are two parts to getting a home loan approved: the credit (i.e. you) and the collateral (i.e. the home).  At this point you have have been credit approved since we have reviewed enough of your documentation to ensure that you are “financiable”. (We know that’s not a real word). What this does NOT mean is that you’re done […]

Final Underwriting Approval

see Closing Details   Will you be in town? Power of Attorney? Connect with Title to discuss time and location – though they may not allow time to be scheduled until the have final CD.. every title company is different.  

E-Doc Portal

You have been sent a secure link to agree to agree to accept documents electronically. This secure portal is vital to send documents for electronic signature throughout the process. Check out the Help Video or download the PDF eConsent and Electronic Document Delivery Instructions on account creation (Pages 2-4) and let me know if there are any questions!* […]