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Dear Yelpers, We love you. Thank you for using Yelp to find Mark Pfeiffer (a.k.a. Mortgage Mark) one of the best mortgage loan officers in Dallas, Texas.  We know you want the best mortgage interest rate, the lowest home loan closing costs, and a smooth and quick closing. We get that… and you deserve that. Our team […]

Other Types of Property Tax Exemptions

Other Types of Property Tax Exemptions The Homestead Exemption is the primary source of tax savings on a home; however, there are other types of property tax exemptions for homeowners.  This article addresses the Over 65 Tax Exemption and the Disabled Person Tax Exemption.  (Check out our Homestead Exemption page for links to North Texas counties […]

Dallas Top Mortgage Loan Originator on Credit Breach

Equifax Breach – What To Do Now

As we all know by now, the Equifax breach has caused much speculation about the best way to secure our personal credit information.  The Atlanta-based company announced that a cybersecurity incident has potentially impacted 143 million U.S. consumers. Criminals gained access to sensitive data, including Social Security numbers, between May and July. Equifax said it […]

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The Pfeiffer Mortgage Group truly values your feedback and recommendations and we work very hard to earn your business and ensure you have a fantastic mortgage experience. We have two ultimate goals: 1) to provide you a great mortgage, and 2) make you an advocate for our services. We want your trust and confidence so you […]

Mortgage Insurance (MI)

What is Mortgage Insurance? Mortgage Insurance (MI) protects the lender if your unable to pay the mortgage payment and guarantees your lender will get paid if you default. When financing a home you have choices, pay 20% or more down, get a second mortgage or get MI (Mortgage Insurance).  If you don’t have 20% to put […]

Mortgage Insurance Overview

MORTGAGE INSURANCE (MI) PMI, MIP, MI – it’s all the same (sort of). PMI is mortgage insurance for conventional loans, MIP is for government loans (like FHA and USDA), and MI is the generic term for all types of mortgage insurance. Bottom line: Mortgage Insurance protects the lender against losses if a borrower defaults on their home loan (i.e. […]

Mortgage Insurance For Conventional Loans

MORTGAGE INSURANCE FOR CONVENTIONAL LOANS The information below pertains only to conventional financing because government loans (like FHA, VA, and USDA) all have their own guidelines for MIP and funding fees. Please visit those pages for more details or visit our page on Mortgage Insurance for an overview of MI, PMI, and MIP. MI is not […]

Mortgage Insurance Tax Deduction

Legislation is still pending to determine if Mortgage Insurance (MI) will be an allowable deduction in 2014. The following information is not tax advice and you should consult your tax advisor regarding deductions. MORTGAGE INSURANCE TAX DEDUCTION Like the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction, borrower-paid Mortgage Insurance that was acquired after 2006 can be tax deductible for 2013 on all […]