Closing Costs Overview

Closing Cost Overview With Dallas Top Mortgage LenderThere are three components that make up the “costs” for every home loan closing: the down payment (or equity for refinances), closing costs, and prepaids. The Mortgage Down Payment (or equity) is determined by you, the borrower. The Closing Costs are the actual fees for the home loan and will vary depending on the purpose, product, and loan structure. The Mortgage Prepaids are primarily the costs of home ownership – like taxes, insurance, HOA, etc.. For a quick closing costs overview, there are links below that point you in the right direction and help address any questions you may have. As always, please call us when you’re ready to discuss details and review loan options specific to you.

Closing Costs Overview for PurchasesFor Purchases

Closing Costs for Purchasing a Home




Closing Costs Overview for RefinancesFor Refinances

Closing Costs for Refinancing a Home

Refinancing Details

Refi Closing Costs Calculator

Prepaids and Escrows for Refinances

Miscellaneous Closing Costs OverviewMiscellaneous

Closing Costs for a Second Lien (Second Mortgage Details)

Closing Costs for Windsor Homes

How to Pay for Closing Costs


Prepaids vs Closing Costs OverviewPrepaids

Prepaids vs. Closing Costs

Mortgage Prepaids / Escrow Accounts Explained in Detail



Closing Costs Overview For Selling A Home

Costs for Selling a Home

Seller’s Net Sheet