CMPS (Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist)

CMPS Real Estate Dallas Mark Pfeiffer

CMPS Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist Real Estate Dallas Mark Pfeiffer
Mark N. Pfeiffer, CMPS

There are over 500,000 mortgage bankers and mortgage brokers who are licensed or registered in the United States. The CMPS (Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist) designation gives loan originators a way to stand apart and differentiate themselves in the market. The CMPS curriculum equips loan originators with the skills they need to help borrowers compare home loan options more effectively, consider housing and mortgage decisions in the context of their overall financial situation, and make smarter choices when it comes to debt, cash flow, and real estate investments. The CMPS certification is the public’s assurance that an individual has met rigorous, peer-developed and reviewed standards endorsed by a national professional body.

What is Mortgage Planning?

Mortgage Planning is the process of helping clients improve their lives by using the right mortgage strategies.
The right strategy for one client may be completely wrong for another client. That’s why mortgage planning should be conducted with a certified professional who is trained in the five CMPS skill sets:

Mortgage & Real Estate Taxation – how and why to understand the tax implications of various mortgage strategies, and how to work as a team with CPAs, attorneys and financial advisors

Housing, Financial & Mortgage Markets – why interest rates fluctuate, and how to understand the housing, financial and mortgage markets

Cash Flow Planning – how to reduce debt, improve cash flow and identify mortgage planning opportunities around retirement planning, college funding, elder care, and other life events

Real Estate Investment Planning – how to help real estate investors compare options and evaluate the impact of various mortgage strategies on their rate of return

Ethics and Compliance – how to implement a pro-active approach to ethics and compliance during the pre-disclosure sales process

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