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Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Windsor Home and thank you for taking the time to check out the Mortgage Mark Team. Windsor builds a great home and HomeBridge provides a terrific mortgage. Below are some links that address common questions when buying a new construction and how to best prepare for the process. As always, please don’t hesitate to call Our Team should you have any questions.

The NumbersHomeBridge_newlogo

Windsor Incentives – Windsor pays for the big portion of the title policy when using our team for financing – use our Title Policy Calculator to see exactly how much you save. Not to be outdone, HomeBridge will waive its lender fees AND provide an additional $1,000 of lender credit. All that means huge savings.

Mortgage Payment Calculators – Are you curious as to what the payments will be on the new home? Check out our mortgage payment calculators to determine the monthly payment and the estimated funds to close.

DTI Calculator – This nifty calculator helps you determine your purchasing power and see how much you can afford. See if you can qualify for the new loan without selling your current home.

New Construction Closing Costs – Buying new construction will have some additional costs compared to buying an existing home.

The ProcessWindsor Home Incentive With Mortgage Mark

Get Started – You can do an online loan application and see what documentation will be required to get pre-approved. Oh, did you know you have to subscribe to a Do Not Solicite service to prevent the credit bureaus from selling your info?

The Loan Process – Get to know the process and understand how your actions today determine how smooth your closing is tomorrow.

Document Checklist – The Boy Scouts got it right: “Always Be Prepared”. Know what documents will be required for the loan and have everything to your lender about 60 days out from the projected closing date.

Do’s and Don’ts – There are a ton of things you need to do when getting ready to buy a home; learn the few things you shouldn’t do and help us help you.


Selling Your Home

Seller’s Net Sheet – see how much you can expect to net when you sell your home after all the fees have been taken out from your Realtor, title company, and other third parties.

Tips For Selling Your Home – Learn what it takes to write a lender-friendly contract, prepare your home for an inspection, and most importantly, what Appraisers look for when they value your home.