Documents That We Send To You

Mortgage Document Checklist for best mortgage lender in Dallas

During the process we will be sending you documents that need to be signed and returned.  Below is a list of docs that we’ll send you during the process. Upon receipt, please provide these documents at your earliest convenience. You can either upload them via our secured site, email them to us, fax them to 866.276.9204, mail then, or drop them off in person at the office.


Loan Package Disclosures – the loan package will contain about thirty e-signature disclosures and six “wet” signature documents and all disclosures will need to be signed and returned before we can move forward.

Credit Inquires Letter – this letter will outline your recent credit inquiries and will ask for an explanation of each.

Counseling Letter – this is a generic document that will outline details of where someone can locate a home counselor should they choose to do so.

Closing Disclosure – this must be e-signed a MINIMUM of three days before closing. Be please be on the lookout for it a week before closing.

Gift Letter (if applicable) – if gift funds are being provided (i.e. money is being used that came from someone that is not party to the loan) then a gift letter will be required.