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Mortgage Document Checklist for best mortgage lender in Dallas

The items below seem fairly straight forward (because they are) but take the extra 12 seconds and read the sub-print to ensure you don’t miss anything. Call us if you have any questions about these or anything on the master Mortgage Document Checklist.


Driver’s License

Please make sure your driver’s license is legible. We recommend you take a picture of your license with your phone and send it to us.

Provide a brief letter of explanation if the address listed on your driver’s license is different than your current address. (Note: Texas considers your license invalid after 30 days of moving to a new address).

Please be sure to call us if your driver’s license will expire before your closing date. While this isn’t an issue 99.9% of the time, we have had an instance where a second lien lender took issue with an expired license. We are checking for this but please be proactive so we can all plan accordingly.

Insurance Agent’s Information

You will need to contact your insurance agent within 48 of executing your contract to setup your coverage. We like and recommend PIP Insurance if you’re shopping around.

Send us your Agent’s name, phone number, and email address. We will contact your Agent directly to get the insurance declarations page (“dec page”).

Note: in some cases (like USAA) you will need to call and give them permission to speak with us about your file.


For purchase loans, the Realtors typically provide this to us. For refinances, this should be a part of your closing papers from when you bought the home.

Please let us know if anything has changed on the survey and changed the “foot print” of the house or the property. For example: addition on the house, added a new pool, put a new fence or gate, extended the patio and/or an outside kitchen, etc.). See Why A Lender Won’t Use Your Survey.

Please be sure the survey includes the State Seal and the Surveyor’s signature somewhere on the survey.

HOA Contact Information (for condos and townhomes)

Please provide name and phone number of HOA so we can call to procure a condo questionnaire about the complex.

Please note that the HOA may charge you a fee to complete this questionnaire.

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