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Get Pre-Approved for Mortgage Home Loan Best Mortgage Broker in Plano

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage home loan conveys your financial strength and commitment to the seller. In today’s hot market with a potential for multiple offers, most sellers require a pre-approval letter, not a pre-qualification letter. The sellers want to be certain that a buyer is capable of closing before taking their home off the market and potentially wasting their time and missing qualified buyers.

HomeBridge_newlogoPre-Approval Doc Checklist First Steps Getting Started With A Home Loan Purchase in Dallas

Once you’re Pre-Qualified you’ll then need to submit your Pre-Approval Documentation to officially get pre-approved. Just know that this is documentation that will ultimately be required AND that additional documentation from the master Mortgage Documentation Checklist will be needed once you have a contract.



HomeBridge_newlogoWhy Get Pre-Approved?

We know that the paperwork process is a beating BUT know that inevitably you’ll have to provide it so don’t procrastinate. In today’s hot real estate market a pre-approval is mandated by Realtors and Sellers and getting pre-approved could actually save you money and get a lower sales price. Find out how: [more…]


HomeBridge_newlogoHome Buying Process

Be sure you know what’s coming next in the Home Buying Process and how to prepare for the the actual Loan Process once you get a contract on a home.



Nicole Durst Mortgage Processor in Dallas Texas

Meet Nicole – The Paperwork Guru First Steps Getting Started With A Home Loan Purchase in Dallas

Meet Nicole – and go easy on her.  Nicole has the unfortunate job of being the “Paperwork Guru” in the Pre-Approval and Loan Packaging portion of the Loan Process. Nicole is your contact for all-things-paperwork. Nicole’s main job is to ensure that you provide all your Mortgage Documents in a timely manner and [more…]


Credit SolicitationsCredit Solicitation When Buying A Home For Sale in Dallas 200 x 200

After mortgage companies pull your credit, the credit reporting agencies will put your name on a ‘target list’ and sell that information; fortunately for you, this does not happen the way we pull credit reports. BUT if you’ve had your credit pulled with another mortgage company you can prevent solicitations by [more…]

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