Happy Trails Dallas

This morning at the Oaklawn MLS Meeting, Jared White, Bicycle Transportation Manager with the City’s Public Works Department spoke to us about the 138 completed, on street and off street, bike trails in Dallas and surrounding cities, as part of the overall 1,127 planned trails!

Jared showed maps and talked about the various funded, completed and dreamed about trails that cover as far North as Frankford Road and as far West as the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and Trinity River area. The new Margaret McDermott Bridge will have bicycle and pedestrian arches to allow for access in and around downtown, the floodway and Oak Cliff by bicycle or foot.

In addition to the trails most of us have heard of like the Katy Trail and the White Rock Creek Trail, Jared spoke of the newly familiar Northaven Trail.  But I had no idea we had so many other trails!  Trinity Forest Trail with a scenic experience of the Trinity River and Trinity Forest (yes – I said FOREST!), the Santa Fe Trail located in a former railroad right of way in lower-East Dallas, and apparently we also have the Harry S. Moss Trail that offers almost 5 miles of natural surface trails providing an off road biking experience in the middle of the city! Who knew?!

For more information about the trails and the funding needed and construction progress, check out these sites below! Dust off those bikes and helmets (it’s the law, for real, for everybody!) and go find a trail!




Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association

Friends of the Katy Trail

Friends of Kiest Trails

Friends of the Northaven Trail

Friends of the Preston Ridge Trail

Friends of the Santa Fe Trail

Friends of the Trinity Strand Trail

Friends of the White Rock Creek Trail

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