Home Loan Basics

Home Loan Basics with Top Mortgage Lender in Dallas

So you’re starting the due diligence process and want to know more about mortgage financing. Regardless of whether it’s a purchase or refinance home loan, these are the three most common questions we get from our clients when starting:

  1. What are the rates?
  2. What are the fees?
  3. What are the payments?

In an attempt to answer these questions (and more), please review the sections below and call us when you’re ready to discuss details.


Monthly Mortgage Payments Mark PfeifferMonthly Payments

Payment Calculators – check out our calculators to determine potential payments and costs for various programs.

Escrows – learn about escrows, when they’re required, how new construction impacts them, and what they mean to you.

Prepaids – what are prepaids and how do they impact your costs to close?

Mortgage Insurance – MI, PMI, MIP, Funding Fees, etc. What’s the difference and when is it required and for how long?


How To Pay For Closing Cost when buying a home Plano TexasClosing Costs

Closing Costs – get a breakdown of our fees and learn how to compare other lenders.

Seller Concessions – learn why they’re great but also know that they are becoming a thing of the past.

Ways To Pay For Closing Costs – “no cost” loans, low cost loans, Premium Pricing? What does all that mean and is it really worth doing.


Understanding Interest Rates with Top Mortgage Lender in Dallas

Interest Rates

Locking Process – when can you lock your rate and how do you do it?

Market Updates – learn what drives interest rates and what you can do to follow the market

Tax Deductions – check out the various ways you can save on income taxes.


Home Loan Process with Dallas Top Mortgage Lender Mark PfeifferProcesses

Our Team – we’ll know everything about you when we’re done; you might as well learn a little about us.

The Loan Process – a breakdown of the timeline and task when getting a mortgage – purchase or refinance.

Home Loan Process – learn the steps of what it means to buy a home.


Miscellaneous Mortgage Information with Lender Mark PfeifferMiscellaneous

Down Payment Amounts – overview of what you should (and shouldn’t) part with for a down payment when buying a home as well as the requirements for various loan programs.

Second Liens – want to get a second mortgage? What are the advantages (and disadvantages) and how does that impact your rate and costs?

New Construction – learn about the nuances when buying new construction (like how the closing costs and prepaids change).