Loan Disclosures

E-Sign The Loan Package Disclosures with Top Mortgage Lender in Dallas Texas

The HomeBridge Disclosure Team will be emailing you the electronic loan package in the next 24 to 48 hours – please sign and return within 24 hours so we can submit your file to Setup. You will be required to register and setup an account to access the secured e-docs, and you’re welcome to contact the Disclosure Team directly with any questions or problems. Note: please keep your login credentials as they will be used again later in the process when we send you the initial Closing Disclosure to e-sign just before closing.

Emailed Loan Package

The loan disclosures will have two parts: the first will consists of 25 to 30 pages that can be e-signed, and the second part will consist of about 4 to 6 pages that required “wet” signatures. This means you will need to print these documents, sign them, and return them via fax, email, upload, mail, etc..

PLEASE NOTE: the loan package email will come from a person in HomeBridge’s Disclosure Department but they are not a part of our immediate team. (Those folks are Amanda Peeples, Cameron Jackson, Chris McCullor, Erin Minor, and Justin Wood).  The Disclosure Team exists to help you access and open the electronic docs. Please contact them directly if you have any troubles or questions about the disclosures. After you sign and return the e-docs that Disclosure Person is no longer part of the transaction. We are still your primary contacts.


The home loan disclosures will contain a variety of documents but the main documents that warrant attention are the Loan Estimate and the Loan Application.

  • Loan Estimate (LE) – The Loan Estimate (LE) outlines the rate, the costs, and the terms of loan. Please know that the majority of the costs shown are still estimates and are subject to change. FYI: the Loan Estimate (LE) looks like the Closing Disclosure (CD) statement that you will sign at closing.
  • Loan Application – the loan application is the four page document that contains the information you provided to us for the loan. Please review it for accuracy and call us immediately if there is incorrect or missing information. This is critical as the conditional approval issued is predicated on the application’s information.
  • Other Disclosures – Many of the documents in the loan disclosures are permission slips that allow us to act on your behalf. Third parties, like the IRS, your Insurance Agent, etc. need your consent to share your information with us. The rest of the documents outline the process and set expectations for all parties to be honest and transparent.

As always, please contact us should you have any questions.

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