Home Buying 101

Home Buying 101

The links below have been written for first-time home buyers (or for anyone that needs a refresher on mortgages). The three most common questions we get are: “What are the rates?”, “What are the fees?”, and “What are the payments?” Please review the sections below for answers to these questions and let us know if there are any additional topics that you would like covered.

About the Team Dallas Mortgage LenderMEET THE TEAM

During the loan process there will be a number of individuals working towards closing your loan – each has their own specific role and all are committed to exceptional service. Know that we all have access to MortgageMark@HomeBridge.com and can be reached at 972.829.8639 should you have […]

Home Buying Process with Dallas Top Mortgage LenderHOME BUYING PROCESS

Whether you just starting or already in the throes of purchasing a home, the links below can help provide you with critical information about the home buying process and what to expect at each stage. As a local lender in Dallas, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.[…]


Credit Solicitation When Buying A Home For Sale in Dallas 200 x 200

Everyone knows that credit is important and plays a huge role when obtaining a mortgage but here’s what they don’t know: 1) You can Opt Out of Unwanted Credit Solicitations – it’s free and you should do it 2) Lenders update credit before […]

Downpayment on Mortgage DOWN PAYMENT OPTIONS

So you’re buying a home and trying to determine how much you should put down for a mortgage down payment. There are basic down payment guidelines for various loans programs and we have a few opinions about how much you should (or shouldn’t) put down when you […]


Mortgage Insurance Rain or ShineMORTGAGE INSURANCE (MI)

Mortgage Insurance, PMI, MIP, MI – it’s all the same (sort of). PMI is mortgage insurance for conventional loans, MIP is for government loans (like FHA and USDA), and Mortgage Insurance, aka “MI” is the generic term for all types of mortgage insurance. The bottom line is […]


Do's and Don'ts with Dallas Top Mortgage Lender DO’s and DON’Ts

We’ll be honest – we mostly have “DON’Ts” when applying for a home loan and they’re extremely important. Please take the time to read the details and let us know if you have any questions. Oddly enough these are some of the most common reasons for undue stress in the 11th hour […]


Tips For Selling Your Home with Dallas Top Mortgage LenderTIPS FOR SELLING
Congratulations on getting your home listed for sale and taking the first step to selling your home! Hopefully you’ve already been Pre-Approved for a home loan to purchase your next home to ensure you won’t be homeless. Make your home “financeable” by […]