Nicole Durst, Sr. Loan Processor

Nicole Durst Senior Mortgage Processor Dallas Top LenderMeet Nicole – having been in the mortgage industry since 2004, her knowledge and experience are just a few of the things that make her a huge asset to our team. But – go easy on her. Nicole has the unfortunate job of being the “Paperwork Guru” in the Pre-Approval and Loan Packaging portion of the loan process.

Nicole’s Job Description

Nicole’s main responsibility is to ensure that you provide all your Mortgage Documents in a timely manner and that everything looks good for approval. Basically, she has the tough job of being the “annoying person” since she’s the one responsible for confirming receipt of docs, reviewing the paperwork, and then hounding you for more. 🙂 She’s really an awesome, fun and sweet person, so know that she’s only trying to help you get your loan.

Your Contact For All Things Paperwork.

Mortgage Paperwork Checklist for best mortgage lender in Dallas 20PRE-APPROVAL DOCUMENTS

Check out our pre-approval checklist for the required paperwork to purchase or refinance home loan. By submitting this paper we can verify that there aren’t any major obstacles or hidden skeletons that can bite us later. You’re welcome to fax, email, or upload the docs. Please let us know if […]


Document Checklist with Mortgage Top Lender in DallasFULL CHECKLIST

This is the “big ole’ checklist” of documents required for underwriting. This expands on the Pre-Approval Document Checklist. You’re welcome to fax, email, or upload the docs. Please let us know if you have any questions – we’re here to help.


Upload Mortgage Loan Documents with Best Lender in Dallas Texas 200UPLOAD DOCS

You may securely upload your loan documents using the options below. We do receive a notification when documents are uploaded; however, it is always prudent to send us an email once you have sent your documents so we can […]

Feel free to call Nicole if you have any questions about what’s needed and why what you submitted may not be what we are requesting.

Nicole Durst Mortgage Processor in Dallas TexasNicole Durst
Sr. Loan Processor

Phone: 972.829.8639 x 105 | Fax: 972.782.4803

Nicole will be a part of the process until the file is turned into Joel Standard for processing – at which point Joel will be the main point of contact for the rest of the process.