Private School Preview

Dallas has a plethora of private schools to choose from when purchasing a home. There are all girl schools (Hockaday & Ursaline), all boy schools (St. Marks & Jesuit), Catholic(St. Monica & St. Rita), Episcopal (Parish Episcopal & ESD), Luthern (Dallas Luthern), Jewish(Akiba & Yavneh), Montessori(Lamplighter) and schools for kids with learning differences (Winston & Shelton) -just to name a few!  It can be mind boggling to say the least when you are starting the search for the one that is just the right fit for your child and your family and in area you want to move to and buy a home near. The Independent School Admission Association of Dallas has teamed up to bring you over 90 schools under one roof through their annual Private School Preview. Area schools rotate hosting the event, this year’s will be held at the Episcopal School of Dallas located at 4100 Merrell Road, Dallas, Sunday, September 14th from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. You will be able to meet the Admission staff from various schools, as the admission process is currently underway for next Fall, the 2015-2016 school year! For more information and a complete list of schools check out . Also, a seminar will start at 3:00 pm that will address the Tuition Assistance process that can help make private school within a family’s reach. Be sure to consider a Cash-Out Refinance as well when looking for that extra money to pay for tuition! We can help you with that!

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