Rate Plug

RatePlug is embedded into NTREIS  and when you send your MLS property reports to your customers, they will now have access to accurate, interactive mortgage products and payment information specific to each property. The payment information is based on up to date interest rates from the Pfeiffer Team and includes property taxes, assessments, and home owner’s insurance estimations.

You and your customer can interact with the information and play ‘what if’ scenarios to best determine their financing needs. In addition, the customer is given the ability to ask mortgage questions.

Agents using RatePlug experience a 15% shorter time frame from List Date to Contract Date

  • It’s literally a click of a button to use it
  • It’s free to participate (it’s included in your MLS membership)
  • Takes seconds to activate it – just Email Us and we’ll set it up
  • Generates Co-branded Marketing Flyers for your listings or open house events
  • 100% protection for FTC (MAP) Record keeping requirements
Of today’s home buyers, 88% search and view Property Listings online (ie: via Agent MLS, Search Engines, Realtor.com, Broker Websites), and 65% then search for Mortgage information on other sites (Google, Yahoo, MortgageTrader, Lending Tree, etc…).  



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