Property Taxes May Be Due Refinance Home Loan With Best Lender In Plano Texas 200 x 200

Property Taxes May Be Due

Property Taxes May Be Due If you’re refinancing a home loan between October 1st and January 31st this article is applicable to you. In Texas the property taxes are technically due as soon as they “post” in early October. Once the county posts the taxes the money is due but the payment is not considered late until after January […]

Prepaids And Escrows For Refinances With Top 10 Mortgage Bankers In Dallas

Prepaids And Escrows For Refinances

Prepaids and Escrows For Refinances There is a difference between fees paid for closing (i.e. Closing Costs) and Prepaids paid at closing. Fees paid are the cost to do the loan; prepaids are items you’re paying regardless of whether you refinance or not. FYI, the costs of prepaids paid at closing can be thousands of dollars. […]

Greatest Fear When Selling Your Home with a Best Realtor in Dallas

Greatest Fears When Selling Your Home

Greatest Fears When Selling Your Home Your greatest fear when selling your home is accepting an offer, taking your home off the marketing, and then not closing because of some issue with the buyer. Not every mortgage broker can be among the best mortgage lenders in Dallas. (It’s not bragging when D Magazine and Texas Monthly […]