Refinancing Your Home With Top Mortgage Lender in Dallas TX

Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

This page is to serve as a guide to answer the question “Should I refinance my mortgage” and help you determine the true financial benefit of a rate-and-term refinance  (i.e. a refinance that either lowers your mortgage interest rate or changes the term of your mortgage). If you ultimately want us to do the work (and we […]

Home Loan Basics With Top Lender Mark Pfeiffer

Home Loan Basics

So you’re starting the due diligence process and want to know more about mortgage financing. Regardless of whether it’s a purchase or refinance home loan, these are the three most common questions we get from our clients when starting: What are the rates? What are the fees? What are the payments? In an attempt to […]

Property Tax Basics

Property Tax Basics Paying property taxes is part of home ownership and the taxes help fund the city, county, schools, and hospitals. Taxes are either paid directly to the taxing authorities or via an Escrow Account. When purchasing a home the property taxes that are paid at closing are classified as Prepaids in the mortgage Closing Costs. […]

Escrow Analysis and Rebalance with Best Mortgage Lender in Dallas Small 200x200

Escrow Analysis and Rebalance

Escrow Analysis And Rebalance If you currently have a mortgage AND have an Escrow Account then this page may be applicable to you. You may also want to check out our page on New Construction Escrows if you bought (or are buying) a newly constructed home. Escrow Analysis Every year, typically around February, mortgage servicers […]

Property Tax Home Valuation Dallas Real Estate and Top Lender in Dallas

Property Tax Home Valuations

Part of home ownership is paying property taxes and how much you pay in property taxes is determined by the tax rate and the county’s assessed value for your home. There are two ways to reduce your property taxes: 1) vote in local elections to keep the tax rate down, and 2) contest your property […]

Prepaids For A Mortgage Home Loan With Top Mortgage Lender In Dallas 200 x 200

Mortgage Prepaids

Mortgage Prepaids When purchasing or refinancing a mortgage home loan there are Closing Costs and there Prepaids. Closing costs are fees incurred for purchasing the property and prepaids are costs incurred for home ownership. In other words, even if you paid cash for a home you would still owe the prepaids (with the exception of […]

Escrow Accounts with Best Mortgage Lender in Dallas and Collin County Real Estate 200 x 200

Escrow Accounts

Escrow Accounts A mortgage escrow account is a reserve account held by the mortgage servicer on behalf of the homeowner and is considered part of the Mortgage Prepaids. An escrow account contains the homeowner’s funds that are used to pay the annual property taxes and homeowners insurance when the bills come due. While these funds technically belong […]

New Construction Escrows Best Mortgage Lender with Real Estate Dallas

New Construction Escrows

New Construction Escrows New construction home loans that have an Escrow Account could potentially experience a dramatic increase in a monthly mortgage payment after an Escrow Analysis is preformed depending on how the property tax portion of the escrow account is initially determined. How To Prevent A Payment Increase A new construction home loan with an escrow account can be subject to having a […]

Prepaids And Escrows For Refinances With Top 10 Mortgage Bankers In Dallas

Prepaids And Escrows For Refinances

Prepaids and Escrows For Refinances There is a difference between fees paid for closing (i.e. Closing Costs) and Prepaids paid at closing. Fees paid are the cost to do the loan; prepaids are items you’re paying regardless of whether you refinance or not. FYI, the costs of prepaids paid at closing can be thousands of dollars. […]