Three Day Waiting Period For Refinances With Top Mortgage Lender in Dallas

Three Day Waiting Period For Refinances

Three Day Waiting Period For Refinances There is a mandatory three day waiting period after closing before a refinance home loan can fund. These three days do not include Sundays or Federal holidays and are only applicable to refinances on primary homes. In other words, refinances on vacation homes and investment properties do not have this waiting […]

Funding On A Mortgage Home Loan With Best Realtor in Dalals, Texas 200


Funding on a mortgage home loan is the final stage in the home buying process. However, there are a few things you need to know about it and what’s required before a loan is finalized. Once the closing documents have been signed by all parties (i.e. you and the sellers), the title company sends the necessary documents […]

Power Of Attorney When Purchasing A Home in Dallas Texas

Power Of Attorney

Power Of Attorney When using a Power of Attorney (POA) for a mortgage home loan there are very specific actions that need to be taken. A POA must be for the purposes of the loan and must be property specific. The title company can assist with drafting the Power of Attorney and the costs are typically $150 to $200. An executed […]

Home Buying Process With The Best Mortgage Lender In Plano Texas

Home Buying Process

Whether you’re just starting or already in the throes of purchasing a home, the links below can help provide you with critical information about the home buying process and what to expect at each stage. As a local lender in Dallas, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. You should also check out […]

Home Buying Process Overview with Best Realtor in Plano

Loan Process Overview

Home loan process in Texas The following is an overview of the home loan process when purchasing a home. The process begins once the loan details (such as program, rate, costs, etc.) have been finalized and a contract has been executed and provided to us. Don’t delay as there are only 20 working days in […]