Earnest Money Guide with Mortgage Mark

Earnest Money

Once you write a contract you will typically write two checks, one for the Option Money and the other for the Earnest Money and both must come from an Acceptable Source of Funds. Both will be credited to you at closing and can be applied towards your Down Payment or Purchase Closing Cost, but both may not […]

Closing On A Mortgage Home Loan Top Mortgage Broker near Dallas Texas 200

Closing Details

Congratulations on getting this far in the Loan Process: closing is near {insert high-pitched excitement squeal here}. Below are the details of what you need to know for when you show up to sign your closing documents. Please review these items carefully as there are “pitfalls” that can potentially delay closing if you’re not careful. Obviously […]

Gift Funds Documentation Best Mortgage Loan Officer in Dallas Texas

Gift Funds

Gift Funds First and foremost, please let us know if any of the funds will be a gift so we can help you with the paperwork. A “gift” is considered any money that belongs to a person that is not applying for the loan. Note: money that has been seasoned in a bank account longer than 90 days is “seasoned” […]