Prepaids For A Mortgage Home Loan With Top Mortgage Lender In Dallas 200 x 200

Mortgage Prepaids

Mortgage Prepaids When purchasing or refinancing a mortgage home loan there are Closing Costs and there Prepaids. Closing costs are fees incurred for purchasing the property and prepaids are costs incurred for home ownership. In other words, even if you paid cash for a home you would still owe the prepaids (with the exception of […]

Prepaids And Escrows For Refinances With Top 10 Mortgage Bankers In Dallas

Prepaids And Escrows For Refinances

Prepaids and Escrows For Refinances There is a difference between fees paid for closing (i.e. Closing Costs) and Prepaids paid at closing. Fees paid are the cost to do the loan; prepaids are items you’re paying regardless of whether you refinance or not. FYI, the costs of prepaids paid at closing can be thousands of dollars. […]

Home Buying Process With The Best Mortgage Lender In Plano Texas

Home Buying Process

Whether you’re just starting or already in the throes of purchasing a home, the links below can help provide you with critical information about the home buying process and what to expect at each stage. As a local lender in Dallas, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have. You should also check out […]