New Construction Escrows Best Mortgage Lender with Real Estate Dallas

New Construction Escrows

New Construction Escrows New construction home loans that have an Escrow Account could potentially experience a dramatic increase in a monthly mortgage payment after an Escrow Analysis is preformed depending on how the property tax portion of the escrow account is initially determined. How To Prevent A Payment Increase A new construction home loan with an escrow account can be subject to having a […]

Title Policy Calculator for Best Builder in Dallas

Title Policy Calculator

Title Policy Calculator A title policy is mandatory if you are getting a home loan. A title policy protects you and the lender from any property loss or damage they might experience because of liens, encumbrances, or defects in title. (i.e. Basically a title policy makes sure only you and the lender have any claim in […]

New Construction Overview for Best Builder in Dallas Texas

New Construction Overview

Buying a brand new home from a Builder is different than buying an existing home from a homeowner. There are a number of advantages to buying new construction besides just getting that “new home smell.” When buying a new build you get input on the design, layout, and color scheme along with the latest and greatest in energy […]

New Construction Closing Costs for Best Builders in Dallas

New Construction Closing Costs

New Construction Closing Costs This page specifically covers the additional closing costs that may be incurred when purchasing a newly built home in Texas. This page is an addendum to our Mortgage Closing Costs for Purchasing a Home which breaks down the other $2,800 of “base” closing costs. Four Additional Costs For New Construction There is a price […]