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Nicole Durst, Sr. Loan Processor

Meet Nicole – having been in the mortgage industry since 2004, her knowledge and experience are just a few of the things that make her a huge asset to our team. But – go easy on her. Nicole has the unfortunate job of being the “Paperwork Guru” in the Pre-Approval and Loan Packaging portion of the loan […]

Pre-Approval Checklist

Below is the checklist of paperwork required to get Pre-Approved for a home loan. This is the “first round” of paperwork until you have a contract on a home; the master Mortgage Document Checklist outlines everything that will be required when it comes time to start the Loan Process and prepare your loan for underwriting. PRE-APPROVAL CHECKLIST By submitting this paper we […]

Second Lien Lender Disclosures with Top Mortgage Lender in Plano Texas 200

Second Mortgage Disclosures

If you’re reading this it’s most likely because we sent you this link because you’re exploring split financing. Assuming that’s the case, you need to read this page in it’s entirety AND check out Second Mortgages Details as each will answer a number of questions you may have about the Second Mortgage Disclosures as well as the overall process. […]

Mortgage Paperwork Checklist for best mortgage lender in Dallas 20

Mortgage Document Checklist

Below is the “big ol’ checklist” of documents required for underwriting to purchase or refinance home loan. This expands on the Pre-Approval Document Checklist and each item below can be expanded to provide more details of exactly what’s required. You’re welcome to fax, email, or upload the docs. Please let us know if you have any questions about […]

Gift Funds Documentation Best Mortgage Loan Officer in Dallas Texas

Gift Funds

Gift Funds First and foremost, please let us know if any of the funds will be a gift so we can help you with the paperwork. A “gift” is considered any money that belongs to a person that is not applying for the loan. Note: money that has been seasoned in a bank account longer than 90 days is “seasoned” […]

Why So Much Paperwork?

Remember the “old days” when getting a mortgage required little to no paperwork from a borrower and being able to fog a mirror was a bonus? Now the pendulum has swung and the Mortgage Process and Required Documents have changed. So say goodbye to your first born and get ready to donate blood because it’s time […]