Sellers Net Sheet Voted Best Realtor in Dallas

Seller’s Net Sheet

Seller’s Net Sheet A seller’s net sheet estimates how much money you’ll net from the sale of your home. The seller’s net sheet is typically provided by the title company (via your Realtor) that will be closing your home loan; however, because we’re one of the best lenders in Dallas, we’re happy to have this […]

Seller Concessions for Best Listing Realtor in Dallas

Seller Concessions

Seller Concessions Seller Concessions are essentially a way to “roll-in” Closing Costs on a purchase home loan (see also How To Pay For Closing Costs). Seller Concessions are negotiated between the buyer and seller during the contract negotiations and are recorded in Section 12 of the purchase contract.  (Note: Seller Concessions can be included in a contract amendment […]

Moving Out Checklist Best Realtor In Dallas

Checklist For Moving Out Of Your Home

Checklist For Moving Out Of Your Home We’re going to assume you know the basics about moving: such as creating a budget, scheduling movers, getting packing supplies, coordinating storage, etc. The following checklist for moving out of your home is for the ancillary and easily forgotten items when moving out of your home: Type Of […]

Write A Lender Friendly Contract Best Realtor in Plano

Write A Lender Friendly Contract

Write A Lender Friendly Contract While everything is technically negotiable between a buyer and a seller, there are certain sections of a purchase contract that need to meet a lender’s requirements.  Below are the most common items that need consideration to write a lender friendly contract: Non-Realty Items: if there is an addendum that include non-realty items […]

Home Inspections

Need To Know About Home Inspections A frequently asked question when buying a house is: should I get a home inspection? While home inspections are optional, we believe that it’s worth spending a few bucks today to prevent spending a boat-load of money tomorrow. If you’re selling a home then you’ll want to check out […]

How To Prepare For An Appraisal When Selling Your Home in Dallas

How To Prepare For An Appraisal As A Seller

How To Prepare For An Appraisal As A Seller You only get one first impression – so make it a good one. Once an appraisal is completed and a value is assessed, it is very difficult for an Appraiser to adjust that value without having new information that warrants significant reconsideration. For this reason it […]

Questions to Ask A Mortgage Lender About Your Buyers in Dallas

Questions To A Lender About Your Buyers

Now that you know what Questions To Ask About A Lender you now need to ask the mortgage lender about your buyer. Here are some suggested questions that we recommend asking to ultimately determine if a home buyer is qualified and able to close on-time. Questions To A Lender About Your Buyers Q: How do you know the […]

Questions To Ask About Your Buyers Lender Tips For Selling Your Home in Friso Texas

Questions To Ask: About Your Buyer’s Lender

Despite having a pre-qualification letter or a pre-approval letter, it is possible that buyers may not qualify down the road. This bodes the question: how can a seller tell if a buyer is truly qualified to purchase a home? To reduce your risk when selling your home you need to do your due diligence on your […]

Home Inspections From A Mortgage Lenders Perspective

Home Inspections And Appraisals From A Lender’s Perspective

Home Inspections and Appraisals When selling your home you should prepare for a home inspection and an appraisal as though you were buying the house. Home inspections are not mandatory for most loans; however, most buyers will get a home inspection AND use the results of the inspection to determine whether they want to continue with the […]

Greatest Fear When Selling Your Home with a Best Realtor in Dallas

Greatest Fears When Selling Your Home

Greatest Fears When Selling Your Home Your greatest fear when selling your home is accepting an offer, taking your home off the marketing, and then not closing because of some issue with the buyer. Not every mortgage broker can be among the best mortgage lenders in Dallas. (It’s not bragging when D Magazine and Texas Monthly […]