Why A Mortgage Lender Won't Use Your Survey

Why A Mortgage Lender Won’t Use Your Survey

Why A Mortgage Lender Won’t Use Your Survey When listing your home for sale in Texas and negotiating with buyer, a survey will be required at closing if the buyer is getting a home loan. In most cases sellers have an existing survey that a buyer can use when obtaining mortgage financing; however, a mortgage mender […]

Write A Lender Friendly Contract Best Realtor in Plano

Write A Lender Friendly Contract

Write A Lender Friendly Contract While everything is technically negotiable between a buyer and a seller, there are certain sections of a purchase contract that need to meet a lender’s requirements.  Below are the most common items that need consideration to write a lender friendly contract: Non-Realty Items: if there is an addendum that include non-realty items […]

New Construction Closing Costs for Best Builders in Dallas

New Construction Closing Costs

New Construction Closing Costs This page specifically covers the additional closing costs that may be incurred when purchasing a newly built home in Texas. This page is an addendum to our Mortgage Closing Costs for Purchasing a Home which breaks down the other $2,800 of “base” closing costs. Four Additional Costs For New Construction There is a price […]