Here We Go With MortgageMark

Here We Go

It’s official – you’re getting a mortgage. Here’s what you need to know to be prepared for the next few weeks. Also, don’t forget the Do’s and Don’t when getting a home loan – you may want to brush up on how you can help yourself (or not hurt yourself). As always, call us if you have […]

Joel Standard, Sr. Loan Processor

Joel Standard, Sr. Loan Processor

Meet Joel Standard, your Sr. Loan Processor. Now that your file is done with Setup the baton is officially passed to Joel as he will be working with the Underwriter, the Closer, and the Title Company to get your loan closed. Joel is now your point of contact (and will be the rest of the way) Current Step: Processing & Credit Approval […]

Home Buying Process Overview with Best Realtor in Plano

Loan Process Overview

Home loan process in Texas The following is an overview of the home loan process when purchasing a home. The process begins once the loan details (such as program, rate, costs, etc.) have been finalized and a contract has been executed and provided to us. Don’t delay as there are only 20 working days in […]