Down Payment with Dallas Top Lender

Mortgage Down Payments

So you’re buying a home and trying to determine how much you should put for a mortgage down payment. Below are the basic down-payment guidelines for various loans programs, AND a few of our opinions about how much you should (or shouldn’t) put down for a down payment. The funds due at closing consists of […]

Seller Concessions for Best Listing Realtor in Dallas

Seller Concessions

Seller Concessions Seller Concessions are essentially a way to “roll-in” Closing Costs on a purchase home loan (see also How To Pay For Closing Costs). Seller Concessions are negotiated between the buyer and seller during the contract negotiations and are recorded in Section 12 of the purchase contract.  (Note: Seller Concessions can be included in a contract amendment […]

How To Restore VA Eligibility

If your VA Entitlement and is currently tied up on your primary home and you want to purchase another home using your VA benefits, here’s what you need to know and do: You will need to send your lender the HUD from the sale of your current home You will need to complete a Request […]