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Types Of Mortgage Refinances

<this page is not complete – it’s under construction> Types Of Mortgage Refinances To refinance, or not to refinance – that is the question.  There are a number of reasons why someone should consider refinancing and many of them serve a purpose beyond just lowering your interest rate. Rate and Term Refinances If you’re looking to […]

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Should I Refinance My Mortgage?

This page is to serve as a guide to answer the question “Should I refinance my mortgage” and help you determine the true financial benefit of a rate-and-term refinance  (i.e. a refinance that either lowers your mortgage interest rate or changes the term of your mortgage). If you ultimately want us to do the work (and we […]

Payoffs and Payments Calculate Refinance Home Loan Payoff

Payoffs and Payments

 Payoffs and Payments Now that we’re embarking on a refinance together you should know that there are two key factors that impact our estimates and your bottom-line: your payoff and your up-coming monthly payment. If the final numbers come back significantly different from our estimates we’ll more than likely reference this article.  Just know we’re […]