Top 5 Reason for Videos

If you’re interested in video marketing but don’t have a clue about what to do, check out Chase Turnbow’s 5 BEST Marketing Video Ideas.

  1. Testimonial Videos- This is like the product reviews page for video. Let’s face it, people are more comfortable buying things other people like.
  2. Landing Page Videos- Statistics have shown up to an 80% increase in conversions when you add a video. This kind of video is especially beneficial for Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns.
  3. Product Demos- most products cannot be effectively demonstrated through pictures and text alone. These videos help customers have a more clear understanding of what they’re buying.
  4. Explainer Videos- People only buy when they clearly understand the product or service. Animations, text, and demonstrations can all be used to clarify how your company or product works.
  5. FAQ Videos- Besides helping your customer, this kind of video ultimately saves you time! Stop answering frequently asked questions, and start creating videos that answer them for you.

Feel free to contact Chase directly and check out his website at for more information on video marketing.

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