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Upload Mortgage Loan Documents with Best Lender in Dallas Texas

You may securely upload your loan documents using the option below. We receive a notification when documents are uploaded; however, it is always prudent to send us an email once you have sent your documents so we can confirm receipt of all docs.

Proper Labeling

We ask that you please do your best to label your documents in a detailed and orderly fashion. Doing so helps us be more efficient and reduces the chances of confusion.  For example:

  • “Name – Type – Item – Detail”
  • “Smith – Income – W2 – 2014”
  • “Smith – Income – Tax Return – Personal 2014”
  • “Smith – Assets – Wells Fargo (XXXX) – Nov”
  • “Smith – Credit – Drivers License – Jane”


To start uploading your loan documents, please click the button below.