Introduction & Meet The Website

Thank you for contacting the Mortgage Mark Team. We are firm believers in personal customer service and will do our very best to earn your business. That said, we are also huge advocates of technological efficiencies.

The amount of hours spent to create this website is ridiculous. We believe it’s a tremendous resource that facilitates a smooth home loan process. Please know that this website is a supplement to our personal service, not a replacement.

Meet The Website

Every page of this site has been written by me, Mark Pfeiffer, a real-life Mortgage Loan Originator. Please excuse any errors you encounter. I’m great at mortgages and marginal at blogging.

Throughout the website we will highlight important text in red. That’s not a hall pass to skip the rest. I’ve done my best to be direct and not waste your time (or mine).

Getting Started Articles

Realistic appraisal expectations with best mortgage lender in dallasNeed To Know

During the home loan process we will be sending you specific pages relating to your stage. These pages reinforce key points and cover details that may have been missed or overlooked during a conversation.

Do not unsubscribe from our automated emails. Doing so will remove you from future emails containing details about the process.

Please read what we send and watch the videos. We PROMISE the information is relevant and worthwhile. You will be held accountable for knowing the content.

Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions. We’re here to help. We look forward to working with you.

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