Mark Pfeiffer – Speaker Introduction

Mark Pfeiffer (a.k.a. Mortgage Mark) entered the mortgage business in 2003 after graduating from the University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Mark worked as a wholesale Account Executive during his first year in the mortgage business. As an AE he structured countless loans for Brokers and built a strong foundation in mortgage processes and underwriting guidelines. His most valuable skill learned in that position was sweet-talking underwriters.

Mark began originating loans in 2004 and is currently the producing Branch Manager of the Dallas Central branch for HomeBridge Financial Services. Mark’s annual production for the past few years has been north of $55M and around 180 to 200 units.

Mark’s industry recognitions include:

  • D Magazine’s Best Mortgage Lenders,
  • Texas Monthly’s Five Star Professional,
  • Housing Wire’s Mortgage Giant,
  • Scotsman’s Guide Top 1% of Originators,
  • HomeBridge’s Circle of Excellence.

Mark is currently licensed in every state with the exception of Utah. He’s a gluten for punishment and loves testing.

Mark served on the Dallas Builders Association’s “big board” and earned theirs designations of CGA, CGP, and CAPS. He is a USA Cares Certified Military Housing Specialist. Mark graduated from the Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist program in the late 2000s. He later graduated from the College for Financial Planning. Side note: Mark chose not to sit for the CFP exam as he had enough fun after the three years of courses.

In 2009 Mark (unofficially) founded a round table club for LOs. He and forty of his originating friends from various companies meet semi-annually to discuss the mortgage industry, share best practices, and solve world peace. (They’re still working on that last one.) Mark is a member of his local real estate and mortgage associations and volunteers

Mark is a nerd for systems and processes. He has built an amazing support team and created various tools to elevate their efficiencies. He utilizes his engineering background and has programmed monster Excel spreadsheets using Microsoft’s VBA programming language.

Mark has implemented his Excel worksheets, a custom built a Zoho Creator platform, and HubSpot marketing funnels into his team’s systems. It’s because of these processes that Mark is able to take 10 to 12 weeks of vacation per year. Literally.

Mark is a member of HomeBridge’s technology counsel where he lends his expertise to help move the needle forward. Mark is truly a Mortgage Loan Originator that is looking ahead and planning for the future.


As of December 2018