Loan Document Portals

During the mortgage loan process there will be two different loan document portals that you’ll use to send us documents from the mortgage document checklist.

The primary system is called Floify and the other lessor-used system is called Ellie Mae. You will use Floify to send us your supporting documents while the Ellie Mae portal will be used for e-signing docs.

Loan Document Portals

We have tried many alternatives and found that using the Floify system to work alongside the required Ellie Mae system for e-signatures is the most efficient and convenient method for you.

No Email

We do not want you sending us documents via email for three reasons.

The first is for your protection. Most emails are not secure and you will be sending sensitive information. The second is because emails don’t always play nice with one another. Emails can bounce, get caught in spam filters, or be rejected due to size limitations of attachments. And lastly, emailing documents could cause a delay if a team member is out of the office or in extended meetings.

Using Floify allows anyone to access and review the documents. Got it? No emailing documents.

Loan Document Portal Floify Floify

During the loan process you will use Floify to send us your supporting documents – like your pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, etc.. Floify will be introduced to you from the very start of the process and will be used throughout the entire loan process.

Auto Email Reminders

Floify has automatic email reminders for outstanding documents. This means that when a document is needed the system will continue to email you reminders until it is submitted. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s best interest that you respond quickly and provide the missing documents.

When you receive the reminder emails you will need to login to Floify to see the full checklist and detailed explanation of what’s being requested.  Please read the request thoroughly. It’s astounding how many people upload incorrect documents because they didn’t take 12 seconds to read the details of what’s being requested.

The benefit of Floify is that you see what we see. But here’s the catch: you need to review what you upload.  There are multiple instances where people upload documents to the wrong label. Other errors occur when someone’s scanned image was partially cut off. Again, please be sure to check what you scan and upload is complete and accurate.

Floify’s Three Colors

There are three “buckets” as indicated by colors: red, yellow, and green.

Red = document needed

The red “bucket” is the checklist of documents that are needed from you. This system has automatic email reminders for outstanding documents. This means when we’re missing a document, the system will continue to email you reminders until those items are submitted. Once reviewed, the items will be removed and the reminders cleared.

Yellow = document uploaded and ready for review

Once you upload a document that item will move to the yellow bucket. This prompts us to review the document(s) and we typically do so within a few business hours.

Green = document accepted

Upon inspection we will either move the item to the green bucket or move it back to red. If we accept and approve the document it will move to the green bucket. By contrast, we may move the item back to the red bucket if it’s unacceptable.  It could be the document was incorrect, incomplete, raises additional questions, or was the wrong item all together.  We will provide a reason within Floify why the document was rejected.

Pro Tips

Here are a few “pro tips” that can help you along the way.

First, create the same login credentials for both portals. Remember both sets of credentials as they’ll be used throughout the loan process.

The second pro tip is to sign-in right away to avoid issues.  There are documents, like the Closing Disclosure, that are time sensitive.

Finally, consider using one email address if there are two or more individuals on the loan, especially is one of the individuals is slow to check emails. Having the single email address reduces the response time and coordination efforts. Please let us know that single email address and we’ll ensure it’s entered into the system correctly.

Ellie Mae

The second document portal is called Ellie Mae. This system is necessary as it’s part of our compliance and disclosure process. This portal is what our operations department uses to send your documents for e-signature, e-consents, and delivering disclosures.

This system will typically be introduced to you once we send you a formal loan package.  Please accept the e-consent as quickly as possible.  A delay in the acceptance could disrupt the file flow. One example is: if you don’t consent then the disclosure team will snail mail you the 30+ page package for signatures.

When your account is created on Ellie Mae someone from our compliance department will send you an email with instructions and a tutorial video.

Your login will be your email address and you will create your own password. Again, please remember what those credentials are as you will be using them throughout the process when you need to e-sign and acknowledge loan documents.

The Confusing Part

As previously mentioned, Ellie Mae is connected to our compliance and operations system.  Please pay attention because this is the confusing part. Every time you log in to this portal it will show you a screen requesting you to upload supporting documents (like your pay stubs, tax returns, W2, etc.).  Please ignore this message.  We can’t turn it off.

Remember, your supporting loan documents belong in Floify.

Everything you upload to Ellie Mae will be reviewed by compliance and potentially the underwriter. Please do not upload anything to Ellie Mae except for the signature documents that are sent through Ellie Mae.  We’re sorry about this as it can create confusion; hence the reason for this video.

Two Portals, One Great Experience

In conclusion, any document or information that you already have or upload will need to be sent via Floify whereas Ellie Mae is only used e-signatures and acknowledgements.

We hope this provides from background on the process and offers some context on why we do what we do.  Our ultimate goal is provide a great mortgage experience.