Loan Application Received

After Loan Application Is Submitted With Top Realtor in Dallas Texas

Once you submit your loan application we will begin working on your file and someone from the team will be calling you to review the details and answer any questions you may have. Please know that we will be sending you emails throughout the process so if you’re not typically an “email person” then please be sure to check your email regularly during the process.  Please take a few minutes to review the sections below as they outline the next steps and what to expect along the way.

During the process we will be sending you specific sections relating to your stage in the process. Please read what we send! You are responsible for reviewing and understanding each section and how it pertains to you.  The pages reinforce key points and cover details that may have been missed or overlooked during a conversation.

About the Team Dallas Mortgage LenderMEET THE TEAM 

During the process we will do our very best to provide exceptional service in hopes of turning you into a raving fan. The old mantra of “it takes a village” holds true in the mortgage business and this outline is to help you understand each team member’s role during […more]

Home Buying Process Overview with Best Realtor in PlanoLOAN PROCESS OVERVIEW 

The actual process begins once a contract has been executed and provided to us. At that time we will finalize the details of financing and require additional documentation from you. Being responsive early in the process will ensure a smooth, on-time closing. These steps are in a series which mean we can’t move forward until […more]

Credit Soliciation When Buying A Home For Sale in DallasCREDIT SOLICITATIONS

When your credit is pulled the three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) may be sharing your information with creditors. The good news is that you can opt out of future solicitations via You will need to provide […more]