Texas Vet Home Loans

Texas Vet Home Loans

In 1983, the Legislature created the VLB Veterans Housing Assistance Program to assist Texas veterans in purchasing a home. Through this program, eligible Texas veterans have an opportunity to purchase a home with an unbeatable, low-interest loan with little or no money down.

The VLB can make a Home Loan for most types of homes, but check to make sure. View Home Requirements

Texas veterans must find a lender participating in the Veterans Housing Assistance Program (VHAP), and request a Texas Veterans Home Loan application to start the process. Once the application has been completed, it must be returned to the lender. Find A Lender

The veteran must occupy the home within 60 days after the closing of the loan, and the home must remain the veteran’s primary residence for at least three years.

Efficient homes at great rates . . .

To be eligible for VLB Home Loan financing, new-construction homes must meet the federal government standards for energy efficiency in the Energy Star™ program or have a HERS index score of 75 or less. Learn More

Disabled veteran?
The VLB offers an interest rate reduction to qualifying veterans with disabilities. Learn More

Building a house?
While the VLB cannot provide interim construction financing, Texas veterans can work with participating lenders to use a “take-out” loan when the home is complete. Learn More



All borrowers must be approved by the VLB before proceeding with application. Download Certification of Eligibility forms at www.texasveterans.com.

Veterans (all of the following must apply):
Served no fewer than 90 cumulative days on active duty in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, or US Public Heath Service or recognized reserve component of the listed branches of service
Served after September 16, 1940
Not been dishonorably discharged
The applicant must be a bona fide resident of Texas at the time the application is made. (A “bona fide resident” is someone who is living in Texas with the intent to remain in Texas)
Unmarried, surviving spouses may qualify.
Any previous VLB mortgage loan must be paid off prior to closing.
See www.texasveterans.com for full eligibility requirements.

Applicaiton: http://www.glo.texas.gov/vlb/_documents/loans/certification-application.pdf