Money Matters Meetings

Most people spend more time planning a vacation than they do managing their finances. The Mortgage Mark Team wants to change that with our monthly money matters meetings.

Anyone and everyone has an open invitation to our monthly meeting. Every month we discuss some topic of our money matters principles to enhance our overall well being.

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Money Matters Meetings

All levels of financial sophistication will be in attendance. This class is for those that have never had a personal budget as well as the financially literate that count every penny.

Note: personal information is NOT discussed.

For those that need extra help, Mark is happy to provide private coaching to review your budget in detail.

Invitation Details

The money matters meeting is broken in to two parts. The first half is spent discussing and reviewing the personal budget. The second half is focused on a specific topic (like life insurance, estate planning, investing, etc.).

First-timers and newbies are encouraged to attend the full hour. Long-time members can join the second half of the meeting for the featured topic.

  • Who: You and anyone you want to bring; it’s open invitation
  • What: A group of people dedicated to improving their finances
  • When: Second Tuesday of every month from 11:30 to 12:30
  • Where: Mortgage Mark’s Office (or via an online live stream)
  • Why: Because money matters

Be Early

Meetings will start on time. Please be courteous and early. When you’re early you’re on time; when you’re on-time you’re late.

The first part of the class will start promptly at 11:30. There will be a five minute break at 12:00 to allow others to join for the featured topic at 12:00.

Note: If you’re joining us in person, please allow for an extra five to ten minutes for parking. We’re in a big building complex and it’s not the easiest for parking.


We expect all attendees to come with a positive intent and completed homework. Everyone will assign themselves their own homework. The hope (and expectation) is that you’ll complete the homework before the next meeting.

At the end of each meeting every attendee will write down their self-assigned homework on two pieces of paper. One page will be sealed in an envelop and left with us, the other will be taken home as a reminder. At the start of the next meeting we’ll pass out the sealed envelopes to their respective owners.

Only you will know if you completed the homework. This is an honor system and it’s pass/fail. You either did the work or you didn’t.


  • Discuss and review the personal budget (11:30)
  • Break (11:55 to 12:00)
  • Topic spotlight (12:00 to 12:20)
  • Open discussion, tips, and questions (12:20 to 12:30)

Topic Spotlights

Each meeting we’ll dive deep on a featured topic. The topics will be voted on by past attendees.

Below are some feature topics ideas. Many of our recommended professionals will be in attendance to provide additional information on their respective subject matter.

  • Auto financing – refinancing a car loan
  • Banking – business banking
  • Banking – personal banking
  • Buying vs. leasing a new car
  • College prep
  • Credit Reporting – freeze your credit (and your kid’s credit)
  • Credit Reporting – how to fix and maintain
  • Credit Report – opt out of credit solicitations
  • Debt consolidation
  • Estate Planning – wills
  • Estate Planning – types of power of attorneys
  • Estate Planning – family trusts
  • Financial Planning – common mistakes
  • Financial Planning – investment strategies
  • Financial Planning – marriage and money
  • Home Organization
  • Insurance – home and auto
  • Insurance – long term disability
  • Insurance – short term disability
  • Insurance – whole life insurance
  • Investment Properties – BRRRR method and more.
  • Life insurance (Term, Who, Etc.)
  • Retirement (401K, Roth IRA, etc.)
  • Student loans

Mark’s Favorites

These are some of Mark’s favorite tips, tricks, and tech. Feel free to send us your favorites and we’ll be happy to include them here.