Coin Points: Accountability Challenge

The Coin Point Accountability Challenge was created to track money-making activities. Activity breeds activity so spend your time doing money-making activities.

The objective is to “survive” the eight weeks with your teammate. Each two-player team will work weekly to avoid strikes. A team is out of the competition when it has earned three team strikes.

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The Coin Point Accountability Challenge will last for eight weeks. It will start Monday, January 6th, and end Sunday, March 1st.

It’s $100 per person to play. This equates to roughly $12 per week. The money will be collected in advance by the official.

The official will record points at 10:00 A.M. Monday mornings. Be sure your coin point totals are submitted by this time. The official will issue weekly updates via email.

At the end of 60 days the “money kitty” will be divided among the eligible survivors.

Eligible Survivors

For a player to be considered an eligible survivor, a player’s team must still be in the competition and the individual must have earned a cumulative total of 120 coin points during the eight week period. (15 points x 8 weeks)

The reason for the required 120 cumulative points is to level the playing field for vacations.

Each player gets one immunity week to account for a vacation. The week must be identified in advance and provided to the official. During this week the player will not receive a strike. However, points can still be earned during this week.

Each player will need a cumulative of 120 points to be an eligible survivor. This means that if a player vacations for an entire week and earns zero points, they will need to work harder during their seven weeks to earn the cumulative 120 point total.


A player will need to earn a minimum of 15 points per week (Monday – Sunday) to avoid a team strike. A team is out of the competition after three team strikes.

A team strike can be removed if a player earns 25 points in a week. Only one strike can be removed per week. Credits are “use them or lose them” and don’t carryover to the following week.

Mandatory Tuesday Updates

Each player must make “Tuesday Update” calls every week. Failure to do so results in a team strike. This means a player can cost a team two strikes in a week: one for not doing the Tuesday Update calls and another for not earning 15 points.

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Coin Points Explained

Coin Points can be earned in various ways. The only mandatory category are the Tuesday Update calls. A player can earn their 15 points through any combination of points.


Face to face meetings are the most effective way to build relationships.

Brand New Meeting: 3 points each meeting

These are scheduled meetings with someone that you do not know. Talking with someone at an event does not count.

These are substantial conversations about their lives and business. You should leave knowing their spouse’s name, kid’s names and ages, why they got in business, etc.. 

You can earn unlimited points in this category.

Existing Meeting: 1 point each meeting

A scheduled meeting with someone you know earns you a point. These are not done at a networking events.

Closings count as existing meetings, regardless of who’s in attendance. Meaning, a Loan Officer can’t double dip and count a closing as an “existing meeting” and a “new meeting” when the Selling Agents is present.

These meetings must be with someone that can send you business. For example, a Loan Officer meeting with an insurance agent does not count as a meeting.

You can earn unlimited points in this category.

Leveraged Event: 3 points each meeting

Leveraged events are one-time events that you schedule and/or host. These are not networking functions that you attend.

These are some examples of leveraged events: 

  • You, a Realtor, and a CPA all go to lunch
  • Lunch and learn event
  • Happy hour you host

You can earn unlimited points in this category.

Pop Bys: 1 point for every 2 pop bys

A pop-by is a quick 10-minute meeting. Typically these are unscheduled meetings (although they can be scheduled and still count). These are brief encounters to stay relevant.

For example, one point is earned if a Loan Officer visits two Open Houses and meets two Realtors. Another example is a Realtor meeting two builder representatives at their models.

You can earn unlimited points in this category.

Networking & MLS meetings: 1 point max per week

You get 1 point for attending a networking meeting. You can only have one point maximum per week in this category. You can’t go to three MLS meetings and get 3 points, you only get 1 point. 

No other points can be earned at a networking event. In other words, you don’t get “pop by” credits for talking to people. You don’t get “meeting” points for talking to people (unless the meeting was scheduled in advance to occur before or after the networking event).

Theme Day Calls

These are suggested theme days. Calls can be made on any day to anybody. A player can earn unlimited points in these categories.

These are proactive, outbound, lead generating calls. You need to have predetermined list of people to call. Returning phone calls do not count in this category.

1 point per 20 calls

Every call counts as a tick mark. 20 ticks earn 1 point. Messages are acceptable, these are not “talk to’s”.

Points are awarded in 20 call increments. For example, 28 calls earn one point. Similarly, 39 calls earn one point. 40 calls earn two points.

You can earn unlimited points for phone calls.


Lenders: call the Realtors you’re courting. Hopefully they have contracts and people you can help.

Realtors: call your VIPs. These are people that refer you.

Tuesday Updates

These are calls to interested parties in a transaction (i.e. the Listing Agent, Selling Agent, and Borrowers).

An exception is made if a player is closing 10 units or more in a month. Filters can be applied as qualifiers for who to call (such as 12 Buyer transactions in a 12 month period). A minimum of 20 calls must be made if this exception applies.

These updates can be throughout the week. In other words, a player is not penalized if all the calls are not made on Tuesday.


These are calls to everyone that is pre-qualified or pre-approved. Ask for referrals. 

Texting is not acceptable. Calls promote conversations which lead to referrals.


Call your existing Realtors that send business. Ask who they’re taking out and if they need updated PQ. Save yourself the weekend scramble for updated PQ letters.


Friday calls are open and flex time. Call Builders, CPA’s, Realtors you didn’t get to this week.

Social Media

Being on social media isn’t enough. You must be intentional with your activities.

Facebook Comments: 50 per week = 1 point

These are comments in the form of questions. The purpose is to invoke a response and interaction. Commenting “so cute” on someone’s picture doesn’t get you noticed.

Only one point can be earned in this category. One hundred comments don’t equate to two points.

Facebook Post: 3 per week = 1 point

Three Facebook post per week earns a player one point. Two posts need to be personal and one needs to be a business-related.

All three posts must be on your personal page. These cannot be automated or company generated.

Only one point can be earned in this category. Six posts don’t equate to two points.

Promotes You: 2 per week = 1 point

When someone else promotes you on their Facebook page (outside of a closing) it earns you a point.

Two closing promotions are required to earn a point. For example, to earn the coin point both the Smith’s and Johnson’s need to tag you in their closing pictures.


These are miscellandous categories.

Thank You Cards: 10 per week = 1 point

These are handwritten notes, not some service that makes it look handwritten. 

Workouts: 3 times per week = 1 point

Workout three times per week (Monday-Sunday) and earn a point. A healthy you is a productive you.

Appendix / Examples

At networking event, meet someone, stay after for 30 minutes to chat and get to know them.  This is not a “new” meeting because it wasn’t scheduled. You already got credit for the networking event. 

Go to a closing and meet the Realtor on the transaction for the first time. You hang out in lobby and talk afterwards. This still only counts as 1 point for an existing meeting since you went to closing. You need to do a 1 on 1 with the Realtor to earn the three points. 

What if I go to a training with Realtors? Is this a networking meeting? You can count it as an “existing” meeting worth 1 point so long as you get a contact that you follow up with. It’s like a networking event event except you’re meeting new people (whereas a networking event is the same people over and over).