Coin Points Accountability

Coin Points Playbook

Starts 8/20/18


  • Outlast the other team 
  • Three strikes and you’re out 
  • Group Goal is 60 Coin Points a week



One Floating Immunity Week for Rest of 2018 

  • Christmas Exception – you get that week off
  • Half week For Thanksgiving (7 pts required + Tuesday Update) 
  • Half week for New Years (7 pts required + Tuesday Update)

$10 per person per week, paid out with a $500 cap* (even if you’re out. JW to be the Treasurer, collects payment each month.

JW will record points 10:00 am Monday morning via the Zoho report. (i.e. make sure your point totals are updated Monday morning).. JW to issue weekly updates via email.


Three strikes and you’re out

Need to earn 15 Points minimum per week (Monday – Sunday) or you get a strike

Must do “Tuesday Update” calls or you get a strike. 

  • You can get two strikes in a week if you don’t do your update calls and you don’t get 15 points

If any player gets 25 Points it can remove one strike 

  • Credit can be transferred to teammate 
  • Credits cannot be saved. Use them or lose them. It is rebaseline every week.
  • Vacation > 3 days or More, and can predetermined the week before to save a point
  • Must be on JW’s calendar 2 weeks before the vacation

Coin Points Explained

Coin Points Categories

The following are point definitions and descriptions. 

Social Media

FB Comments – 50/wk

  • Comment with a purpose for business, not cruising Facebook. 

Facebook Post – 3/wk

  • One needs to be a business-related post on your personal page.
  • Can’t be automated (ex: Hearsay)

Promotes You – 2/wk

  • Closing promotions are worth 1 tick mark.  
  • When someone else promotes you on their Facebook it’s worth 2 tick marks.


Brand New Meeting – 3 points each

  • These are scheduled meetings (i.e. small talking at an event does not count)
  • These are substantial conversations about them. (ex: you know spouse name, kid name, why they got in business, etc.) 

Existing Meeting – 1 point each

  • Scheduled and meaningful meetings (not someone at Networking event).
  • Closings count as existing meetings.

Leveraged Event – 3 points each

  • Something you schedule and/or host (i.e. not a networking group)
  • Examples: 
    • You, Realtor, and CPA all go to lunch
    • Lunch and learn event
    • Happy hour you host

Pop Bys / Market Flyers – 2/wk

  • When you stop by, casually stop by and see how they are doing. These are quick 10 min “hello” meetings. Open Houses count.

Networking & MLS meetings – 1 pt max 

  • You get 1 point for attending a meeting. You can only have one point max per week. (i.e. you can’t go to three MLS meetings and get 3 points, you only get 1 point). 


Thank You / B-Day Cards – 10/wk

  • The are handwritten notes, not some service that makes it look handwritten. 
  • Note: you need to enter it as 15 per week so Zoho creates 1 point

Workouts – 3/wk

  • Three times per week (includes weekends)

Theme Days

Theme Day Calls – 20 calls per 1 point

  • These are proactive, outbound, lead generating calls. You need to have predetermined list of people to call. 
  • Every call counts as a tick mark. 20 ticks earn 1 point. (Messages are acceptable, these are not “talk to’s”).  
  • You do not need to do these calls on the recommended day. The days are suggestions. 
  • Calling an agent to discuss a loan in process is acceptable IF they’re on your printed list to call.


  • Call the Realtors you’re courting. Hopefully they have contracts and people you can help.

Tuesday Updates

  • You are calling the Listing Agents on your Loans in Process (LIPs) to provide updates. 
  • The exception can be if you’re closing 10 units or more that month. Then you can apply qualifiers for who to call (such as 12 Buyer transactions in a 12 month period). 
  • If you complete all the calls put “20” for the input in Zoho so it counts the point. 

Wednesday Lead

  • Contacting everyone that is prequalified or preapproved. Ask if going out anytime soon for look for houses. Ask if they want updated PQs or if something changed. Ask for referral. 
  • Texts are OK with reply.


  • Call your existing Realtors that send business. Ask who they’re taking out and if they need updated PQ. (Save yourself the weekend scramble for updated PQ letters)


  • Free for all on calls.  Call Builders, CPA’s, Realtors you didn’t get to this week.

Appendix / Examples

At networking event, meet someone, stay after for 30 minutes to chat and get to know them.  This is not a “new” meeting because it wasn’t scheduled. You already got credit for the networking event. 

Go to a closing and meet the Realtor on the transaction for the first time. You hang out in lobby and talk afterwards. This still only counts as 1 pt for existing meeting since you went to closing. You need to do a 1 on 1 with Realtor to earn the three points. 

What if I go to a training with Realtors? Is this a networking meeting? You can count it as an “existing” meeting worth 1 point so long as you get a contact that you follow up with. It’s like a networking event event except you’re meeting new people (whereas a networking event is the same people over and over). 

Time Tracking



Outbound, proactive calls to new referral partners

Tuesday Updates (to Listing Agents) 

* Note: “new” can be someone that isn’t a fully committed referral partner



Lunch and Learns 

Meetings with Existing Realtors go here now


This can be calling or meeting with a recruit.  


We already have the business so this isn’t prospecting. 

Call (borrowers)m

Lead Tracker Calls (proactive) 

Tuesday Update (to borrowers)


Closings, Face to Face Loan Apps, etc.  

Call Realtors

All thank you cards go here (i.e. TU to both clients and referral partners)