Lunch & Learn Ideas

Knowledge is power. When you provide value to others, you become more valuable. Below is a list of ideas for potential lunch and learns. Also visit our event ideas.

Potential Topics

Remember that hosting and teaching are two different things. You’re hosting the event. Leverage your business contacts and let them provide value.

Appraisals. Learn how they’re done and how to properly fight a low appraised value.

Blogging & SEO. Learn how to write a great blog and blog for buyers.

Business Planning. We create a full business plan before leaving. We’ll do a business chunk down and discuss 4DX WIGs.

Credit. Let’s dive deep into credit. Our credit expert will teach you things about credit that will blow your mind.

Four Disciplines of Execution (4DX). It’s phenomenal book about implementing and executing strategies.

Home Buyer Seminar. Discuss everything that they need to know about getting a home. This is more detailed than a first-time buyer seminar.

Home Organization. A professional organizer will share tips and tricks to help you get (more) organized. We nerd-out to this topic.

How to Hire. The only thing worse than a bad hire is not hiring. Do it right the first time.

Increase Conversions. You don’t need more leads; you need to convert better (and get more current client referrals).

Investing. One of our awesome financial professionals will provide a “101” class. Learn about money markets, how to invest in indices, how NOT to pick stocks, etc..

Investing in Real Estate. Discuss all facets. Flipping vs. long-term rentals, hard-money vs. traditional financing, etc.

Lead Funnels. A marketing genius will show you exactly what’s needed to win.

Mortgage Education. Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about mortgage lending. How loans are priced, the file flow, job duties, the gotchas, and scripts. Learn how pull borrowers from the big banks.

Personal Finance Class. We host a monthly Money Matter Meetings that focuses on personal finances.

Social Media Done Right. There’s more to Facebooking than posting and liking.

Student loans. Our student loan expert will show you how some of our very own employees have reduced their student loan payments by hundreds of dollars a month by restructuring their student loans.

Taxes. An accountant will share the common mistakes as well as tips to ensure you’re not overpaying Uncle Sam.

Time Management. We all can be better at time management. We will discuss tools and tech. We can create more hours but we can be more efficient.

Hosting Lunch & Learns

These are helpful reminders when hosting a lunch and learn.

Week(s) Before

Save the Date. Send a save the date one month prior to the event. Don’t give too many details.

Send Invite. Duh. That said, make sure the Who, What, When, Where, and Why are all provided. It seems simple but some things are often missed. Send invitations vie email, text, social media, and (if you want to be a baller) snail mail. Follow up with a personal call to get the RSVP.

Schedule of Events. Always provide invitees with the schedule of future events. They may not be able to attend this one but they may be able to make future events.

Day Before

Completed as much as possible the day before the event.

  • Sign-in sheet,
  • Pens and note pads,
  • Name tags (if applicable),
  • Gifts,
  • Fliers,
  • Business cards,
  • Test connection to projector. Ensure adapters are present.

Printed Roster (if applicable). It may be worthwhile to print a roster of the guests and provide it to the attendees. This is especially true when it’s a round table meeting where ideas are shared.

Day Before Calls

RSVPs. Call all the RSVPs the day before the event. Ask them what they want to drink (coke, diet coke, tea, etc.). Be specifics. Statistics show that people are more likely to show up when they place an order.

Food. Be sure to also call the food delivery company to ensure everything is ready for tomorrow.

Speaker. Finally, call the Speaker (if applicable) and ensure they have everything they need for tomorrow.

Morning Of

Day-of Reminder Text. Send out a text message the morning of the event with parking directions and a Google map link.

  • Signs down in lobby for directions to event room
  • Adjust room temperature (colder is better)
  • Projector check. Make sure it works and have backup cables and light bulbs. (Or ensure you know how to connect to the TV).
  • Call food delivery company again for confirmation. Text directions.
  • Prep refreshments (ex: cups, ice, napkins, silverware, plates, multiple trash cans, etc.)

Host the Event

Be Social. A good host will ensure that they speak with all guests. A good host will also post pictures of the event on social media so that everyone can tag and share.

Be sure to cover these topics at the onset of the event:

  • Guest sign-in sheet
  • Parking validation (if applicable)
  • Wifi: provide for guests
  • Bathroom directions

Get Testimonials. Have attendees do a social post about the class before they leave.

Post Event Survey. Have this present at the event and have guest complete before you release them. QR codes are a great way to direct someone to an online form that collects the information. (Note: it may be beneficial to keep the questions generic so you can use the survey for multiple events).

After Event

Day-after Call. Thank guests for coming and ask for feedback. Ask if they want additional information or have suggestions for future topics.

Thank You Card. Go the extra mile and write the guests a thank you card. Show them you care and are grateful for their attendance.