1st and 2nd Split Financing Calculator

The mortgage payment calculator below is for purchasing a home in Texas using a Split Financing (i.e. a first and second lien mortgage). The calculator will be slow to load (like 5 to 10 seconds slow) and then it will take another few seconds for your first input to be recognized; however, after that it will be real-time and smooth sailing.  You’re welcome to edit any of the blue cells.

You will most likely need to view this calculator on a computer (i.e. not a tablet or mobile device) because it is an Excel spreadsheet loaded into the website.

The links in the calculator take you to pages on our site that elaborate on the details of each topic.  For interest rate estimates feel free to use the rate on Freddie Mac – and round up .25% for a rate with no points. As always, please call us if you have any questions as we’re happy to help.