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Lake Highlands
Join MortgageMark as he talks with Jami Mumley about why Lake Highlands is such a great place to live.

Why Lake Highlands is Great - 04.09.2018
Join MortgageMark as he talks with Jami Mumley about why Lake Highlands is such a great place to live.
Lake Highlands - Location, Population, & More - 04.17.2018
MortgageMark and Jami Mumley discuss the location, population, and other interesting stats on Lake Highlands.
Schools in Lake Highlands - 04.06.2018
MortgageMark talks with Jami Mumley about the school system in Lake Highlands.
Lake Highlands - Homes and Real Estate - 04.16.2018
Jami Mumley talks about the homes and real estate in Lake Highlands with MortgageMark.
Working Near Lake Highlands - 04.16.2018
Looking for a job near Lake Highlands? Jami Mumley talks to MortgageMark about the opportunities in and around the Lake Highlands area (there are plenty)!
Lake Highlands, Lakewood, & Old Lake Highlands - 04.10.2018
What’s the difference between Lake Highlands, Lakewood, and Old Lake Highlands? Jami Mumley joins MortgageMark to discuss.
Lake Highlands Overview - Lightning Round - 04.11.2018
MortgageMark and Jami Mumley have a fun “Lightning Round” of all the things they like about Lake Highlands.

MortgageMark and Sarah Naylor discuss what you need to know about two great neighborhoods – High Point Lake and High Point Ranch in Rockwall, TX.

Why High Point - 04.13.2017
Join MortgageMark and Sarah Naylor as they discuss the reasons Why choose High Point over another community in Rockwall, TX? Sarah Naylor shares her answers with MortgageMark.
High Point Lake and High Point Ranch - 04.12.2017
MortgageMark and Sarah Naylor discuss what you need to know about two great neighborhoods – High Point Lake and High Point Ranch in Rockwall, TX.
Why Rockwall - 04.11.2017
Join MortgageMark and Sarah Naylor as they discuss why Rockwall is a great place to buy a home.


What You Need to Know About Your Credit - 04.05.2018
MortgageMark explains what you need to know about your credit, and what a perfect credit model looks like.
Dear Yelpers - 02.28.2018
You’re looking for mortgage financing with the lowest rate possible, lowest closing costs, and to be done quickly. We understand. My team and I genuinely care and want that for you. We will work hard and do the best we can to make sure you have a great experience and get a great mortgage.
Thank You For Recommending Us - 02.01.2018
We sincerely appreciate your trust and support and realize you have a world of mortgage professionals to choose from and we don’t take that lightly. Please help us get the word out and like us on any social sites you use.
Big News! Fannie Mae Announces New Loan Limits in Texas - 11.30.2017
Big News! 2018 Conforming Home Loan limits in Texas were released today by Fannie Mae.
Introducing Our New Toy - The Tablet for Open Houses! - 11.09.2017
Realtors, want a great new way to capture leads? Check this out!


Will the Possible MID Tax Change Affect Your Business? - 10.19.2017
MortgageMark discusses the possible MID tax change.
Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction - Part 2 - 10.25.2017
MortgageMark gives more insight into the mortgage interest tax deduction.
Real Estate Agents - 08.10.2017
What Real Estate Agents like about Mark Pfeiffer and the MortgageMark Team, and why.
How To File Your Texas Homestead Exemption - 01.10.2017
Everything you need to know about filing your Texas Homestead Exemption so you can start saving on your property taxes


Meet HomeBridge Financial - 01.24.2017
Get to know how HomeBridge Financial Services, a privately owned mortgage banking company since 1991, provides the MortgageMark Team the tools and resources necessary to be a magnificent mortgage machine for you!
Mark Pfeiffer & the MortgageMark Team - 08.10.2017
An introduction to Mark Pfeiffer and his team – and what makes this team great.
Meet the Website - 01.27.2017
Thank you for giving my team and me the opportunity to earn your business. We are dedicated to providing a fantastic mortgage experience and invite you to take time to explore what our website has to offer as well as learn more about our team members and their roles in the process.
Do's & Don'ts When Getting A Home Mortgage - 01.23.2017
There are many dos and don’ts when getting a mortgage and while most of them seem obvious, it’s amazing how often these things come up. This video talks about the most common scenarios and what you either should or should not do while in the home buying process.
The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Home Mortgage – 07.19.2017
MortgageMark explains what you should and shouldn’t do while getting a home mortgage.


30 YR vs. 15 YR Mortgage - 07.19.2017
MortgageMark explains the difference between a 30-year mortgage and a 15-year mortgage.
Starting the Mortgage Process - 01.24.2017
Let’s talk about starting the mortgage process once you have an executed contract to purchase a home. A contract is typically written with three important dates, the option period, the financing period, and the closing date. In this video, we will discuss each time frame and what you can expect to happen.
First Steps In Getting A Home Loan - 01.24.2017
There are three steps to securing a mortgage to purchase a home. The first is to submit an online loan application, the second is to provide supporting documentation, and the third is to learn about the loan process and program options. This video will go through the three steps and hopefully answer any questions you may have along the way.

First Steps To Applying For A Home Loan – 08.10.2017
First steps to applying for a home loan with MortgageMark

Loan Application Process - 07.19.2017
Listen as MortgageMark walks you through the home loan application process.
Document Checklist - 01.27.17
Now that you’ve submitted your online loan application to get pre-approved for a home loan, the next step is to provide your supporting documentation.
Initial CD - 01.27.2017
The initial closing disclosure (a.k.a. the initial CD) covers the same points as the Loan Estimate but includes additional information regarding other components of your loan. This video will go over the initial CD and why it is very important and extremely time sensitive.
Loan Package Disclosures - 07.19.2017
MortgageMark explains loan disclosures – what they are, what they mean, and why we have to have them
How To Get Your Appraisal Process Moving Along - 07.19.2017
MortgageMark shares tips on what you can do to get your appraisal moving.
What To Expect After Closing - 08.10.2017
Ever wonder what happens after closing on your new home? MortgageMark discusses what to expect and what you need to do.

Windsor Homes

Windsor Homes - 01.24.2017
As the preferred lender for Windsor Homes we would like to welcome you and outline some of the important information you’ll need to know when buying your new home. Windsor Homes builds an amazing product and in turn, the Mortgage Mark Team will do our very best to match their level of service and quality.
Windsor Homes Funding Process - 01.23.2017
We realize you are excited about moving into your new home. We want you to have an awesome experience, so here is a quick review of the closing and funding process when purchasing a Windsor Home.