Housing and Forbearance (April 8, 2020)

This week the biggest unknowns we face include housing and mortgage forbearance.

As a financial service company, our goal is to serve as a trusted resource to inform you and offer guidance as we venture into such uncharted territory.

See below as we dive deeper into this week’s important topics.

Housing Industry

Over the last week, the government has announced several plans and loan programs that impact the housing industry.

Watch the following video to see how you can benefit and what that means for the industry.


Forbearance is a hot topic in the news lately. However, there are many discrepancies surrounding how mortgage companies should implement it.

Some individuals think that forbearance means forgiveness and that is not necessarily the case.

It is important to understand when a mortgage company will offer a forbearance and how you should explain it to your clients.

Press play on the video below to learn about forbearance:

Market Recap

Lastly, check out this important recap below on what is going on in the market this week:

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We would like to thank you for watching and hope you are staying safe.