Rates Remain Low (August 3-7)

We saw rates continue to get better this week due to the pandemic and economic news announcements. Overall, the mortgage and housing industries remain strong so we encourage everyone to explore refinances and new home purchases. Check out this week’s video for even more insights on where we think things are headed and how you […]

July 20-24

As the weeks go by, we are starting to see the housing industry and economy slowly start to heat back up. Check out this week’s update with important statistics on where we see the biggest changes and how that could impact the upcoming election.

June 20-26

This week we take a look at all of the interesting things happening in the news as a result of the coronavirus. We did a deep dive into how the pandemic has impacted our world in terms of mortgage rates, the housing industry, and the different generations. Rates Rates are moving sideways as expected. They […]

Into the Unknown

As weeks go by it becomes harder to predict what will happen next. This week we break down what we do know about the current state of the mortgage and housing industry, and what we expect will happen next.

Proud to be an American (May 27, 2020)

Following Memorial Day weekend, many states are continuing to open things back up. The mortgage industry is mirroring the economy as we begin to see the positive effects of people going back to work. Check out this week’s video for more insights:

Releasing into the Wild (May 20, 2020)

Several states are starting to their economies back up since the COVID-19 pandemic first started. In this week’s update, we discuss what that means for our industries and how we have already seen the country react.

A Little Optimism (April 30, 2020)

This week we continue to see changes in the mortgage industry, the housing industry, and the overall economy. It remains difficult to predict exactly what is coming next, especially as the country begins to open up in some states. Learn more about what continues to change and what most individuals expect to happen in this […]

Too Much to Handle (April 22, 2020)

So much has happened in the news lately that it is difficult to highlight just one story. From more forbearance news to what we can expect unemployment to do in upcoming weeks, we covered the most important things you need to know in this week’s video update. (And if you missed it- first watch our […]