Meet the Team

The old mantra of “it takes a village” holds true in the mortgage business.  During the Home Loan Process there will be a number of individuals working towards closing your loan. Each has their own specific role during the Mortgage Loan Process and all are committed to exceptional service.

Boss Man

Mark’s primary responsibility is to ensure you have a great mortgage and a fantastic experience. He manages the pipeline, review files, and ensure on-time closings.

  • Ensures loan approval and an on-time closing
  • Reviews loan structure (i.e. program, rate, closing costs)
  • Manages team and pipeline
Mark Pfeiffer
Mortgage Loan Officer, NLMS #729612

Cell: (972) 898.2595


Loan Partners

One of these super-duper-awesome licensed Loan Officers will be working with you. A Loan Partner is responsible for all the “dirty work” early in the process. They will answer your questions and help package your loan for processing. Their primary job duties include:

  • Helps Mark and is the initial “day to day” contact,
  • Gets you pre-approved and helps structure the loan,
  • Answers questions about loan options, process, and status.
Tamara Podwalny
Loan Partner, NLMS #921479

Phone: (972) 829.8639  x 103


Loan Processors

We have some of the very best Processors in the biz.  The baton is officially passed to one of these beautiful people once your file is done with the Loan Setup stage of the Mortgage Loan Process.  They will be ones working with the Underwriter, the Closer, and the Title Company to get your loan closed. Their primary job duties include:

    • Submits your file to underwriting,
    • Clears underwriting conditions,
  • Works with Closer and Title Company to prepare closing docs.
Joel Standard

Office: (972) 829.8639 x 106

Justin Wood
Production Manager

Phone: (972) 559.9137