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We are in the high 6’s and programs where they are in the low 6’s. We’re losing a little bit of steam and tomorrow we’ll get to hear the job reports. If they’ll help us, we’re hoping to stay above the 100-day moving average line on our graph (pictured in video).


Number of jobs minus the people who are quitting. We don’t want people to lose their jobs, but it does create a softer economy and that allows rates to go down. We will hopefully be in line with expectation of 165,000 in leisure and hospitality.

Dallas Home Prices

Dallas home prices soared in recent years, especially in the least expensive areas with some areas averaging $1.4 million.

Wall Street’s love affair with Dallas

New campus projects by three of the nation’s largest banks are helping solidify the city’s status as the financial mecca of the South.

“Right now, the smart money is in Dallas,” Mayor Eric Johnson said at the groundbreaking ceremony in October for Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s 5,000-person campus in the trendy Victory Park neighborhood near downtown.

Fisher Investments relocated to Plano from Washington state earlier this year, joining asset managers including Charles Schwab and Canyon Partners that arrived a few years before.

The 10 Best Cities to Buy a House in 2024

California is taking the cake with 5 areas with others in Massachusetts, New York, and Michigan.

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