The Rate Rebound program by Mortgage Mark allows homeowners, with higher interest rates, to take advantage of the lowering interest rate environment.

This initiative is a welcomed relief for homeowners struggling to meet their monthly mortgage payments, and it reflects our commitment to providing affordable housing solutions to its customers. With this program, homeowners can benefit from the current low-interest rates and save substantial amounts of money in the long run.

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Under this program, no branch fees associated with CMG will be incurred by the customers—a noteworthy saving, as these fees often include:

Appraisal Fee: The cost associated with evaluating the worth of the property.

Credit Report: The charge for accessing the borrower’s credit history.

Tax Cert Fee: The fee for verifying the property’s tax status.

It is important to note that this credit:

Cannot exceed the total sum of the incurred fees, ensuring that the program’s benefits are precisely tailored to cover necessary expenses without exceeding them. This does not extend to discount points, which are typically paid upfront to reduce the interest rate.

This means that customers can enjoy a significant amount of savings while refinancing their mortgage with Mortgage Mark. The program is designed to help customers rebound and recover from financial challenges and get back on track with their mortgage payments. 

The essence of this offering is to facilitate refinancing with minimal to no closing costs.

A quick overview of the rate rebound program’s advantages:

No CMG branch fees
Reduces overall refinancing cost
$1,000 credit towards third-party fees
Mitigates additional expenses
No cover on discount points
Encourages prudent financial management
Possibility of refinancing with little to no closing costs
Makes refinancing accessible and affordable


  • $1,000 credit cannot exceed total fees and does not cover discount points.
  • This new loan resulting from the rate rebound refinance must be a CMG loan and does not apply to the following products:
    • AIO loans
    • HELOCs
    • Bond/HFA loans
    • Brokered loans
    • Regional investor loans such as Piscataqua Bank or John Marshall Bank
    • Construction Loans
    • 2nd liens


  • May not be used with any other discounts, promotions, or interest-only/buydown products.
  • There must be a net tangible benefit which includes a rate reduction of 0.5%, going from an ARM to fixed rate, reducing loan term, movement to a more stable product, or a lower principal and interest payment.
  • May not be used on the end loan of a CMG Two-Time Close Construction loan.
    Applicable on all occupancy types.
  • Temporary Buydowns are permitted, and in the event of a refinance, the unused temporary buydown funds are applied to the unpaid balance as a principal balance (per our buydown agreement).

The Rate Rebound Program serves as an exceptional tool for homeowners who are working to navigate their monthly financial commitments more comfortably, as it considerably decreases their monthly payments. 

Through these initiatives, homeowners are empowered to harness low-interest rates beneficially, leading to significant savings over time. For more information on the Rate Rebound program, please reach out to a team member so we can help you reach your financial and home goals.

Rate Rebound Disclosures

mortgage mark rate rebound disclosures

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Branch Manager
Loan Officer, NMLS # 729612

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