Those interest rates…

Well, they did it. They made it to 8%. None of us are happy and inflation is still (obviously) higher than we all like.

Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act

A lot of WARNs have been sent out saying they are going to be laying people off. According to our graph, jobless claims should be changing soon which in turn will help with inflation.

Biden Unveils Plan to Increase US Homeowners

  • Neighborhood homes tax credit offers down payment assistance
  • Policy changes could make it easier to qualify for mortgages at lower rates
  • Additional policy changes carve a path to homeownership

We’ll keep you updated on this.


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Home Builders…not in a good mood

Current and previous NAHB Housing Market Index numbers are showing that sales and buyer traffic continue to go down. If you are a builder, we can do Forward Commitments and help you get work done without any money out-of-pocket to start.

Mortgage Originations

 Supposedly mortgage originations will surge 19% in 2024 as a recession will float down, according to the MBA.


Random Mortgage Pieces

Dave Ramsey’s advice for those still wanting to buy

He recommends that if you are debt-free and you have an emergency fund you should buy real estate. In my opinion, if you bought into real estate within the past 10 years, those folks can take that money and refinance and pay off all their bills as their equity has skyrocketed.

Living in Texas metro areas are now less affordable than Chicago.

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