Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Windsor Home and checking out the Mortgage Mark Team. Windsor builds a great home and CMG Financial provides a terrific mortgage.

New construction loans are often more complicated than loans for existing homes so feel free to contact us during the mortgage loan process if you have any questions.

Our Commitment

Despite the thousands of dollars of incentives tied to using us for financing, we want to earn the business outright. We will work extremely hard to win your business with our superior service, professional acumen, and competitive mortgages.

Next Step: Get Pre-Approved

Windsor Homes and the Mortgage Mark team are committed to providing the highest-level of service of our clients. We want you to get pre-approved to ensure you qualify for a mortgage. Please contact us and we’ll swing in to action.

Closing Costs for New Construction

Buying new construction will have some additional costs compared to buying an existing home. New construction closing costs are typically higher than those on an existing home for three reasons:

  1. Newly constructed homes require a new survey.
  2. New communities typically have new Home Owner’s Associations (HOAs) that charge transfer fees.
  3. Appraisals on new homes often require final inspections.

Financing Incentives

Both Windsor Homes and the Mortgage Mark team offer new construction financing incentives.

Windsor Homes will pay for the lender’s title policy when using the Mortgage Mark team for mortgage financing.

Similarly, CMG offers a $2,500 lender credit to offset our origination charges and cover other third-party fees.

Builder Paid Title + $2,500 Lender Credit = Big Savings

What’s the catch?

We’re often asked “what’s the catch”? Why are all the incentives being offered? Is everything “up and up”?

Windsor Homes and CMG Financial are two separate, independent companies. There are zero financial ties between the two companies. Your interest rate, closing costs, and CMG financial incentives will be the same regardless of the home you buy. Buy Windsor or buy an existing home, your loan structure will be the same.

Both companies offer the financial incentives for their own reasons.

Windsor Homes trusts the Mortgage Mark team to provide great customer service to their buyers; however, they’re business concern is ensuring buyers are qualified.

Windsor incurs carrying costs until a home is sold. They pay for their construction bank loan, property taxes, insurance, utility bills, etc. every single day they own the home.

Windsor incurs carrying costs until a home is sold. They pay for their construction bank loan, property taxes, insurance, utility bills, etc. every single day they own the home.

Windsor assumes a huge risk when they write a contract. Taking a home off the market to later learn that the borrower does not qualify ultimately costs them a significant amount of money.

CMG offers the incentives because we want to close as many loans as possible. We ultimately are making a volume play. We’re willing to make significantly less on each loan from Windsor because we are able to close more loans with this relationship.

We save advertising money with every Windsor referral. The costs to procure other leads is significantly higher because we have to spend money on marketing and advertising. Because of this relationship, and the low costs to produce a lead, we are able to pass those savings to the buyers.

Selling Your Home


It’s difficult to time the simultaneous sale of your existing home with the closing on a newly constructed home. Be certain to select a Realtor that knows the area well when listing your home and going through the selling process.

A seller must understand how to write a lender-friendly contractplan for the home for an inspection, and most importantly, know how to prepare for an appraisal as a seller.

A low appraisal on your current home can be a major setback. Learn how appraisers value is determined. You may be surprised; it’s not as simple as dollars per square feet.

Seller’s Net Sheet

seller’s net sheet calculates the amount of money netted from the sale of a home. The calculation considers the obvious fees (Realtor commissions, title fees, etc.) as well as the lessor-know costs (like per diem interest, escrow refunds, home warranty, etc.).


Mark Pfeiffer

Branch Manager
Loan Officer, NMLS # 729612

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