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Prepare For The Appraisal

When refinancing your home loan the greatest up-front risk is your appraisal costs – that’s because the appraisal is the only financial obligation you have should the loan not close. (Note: that’s true with us but other lenders may have other obligations). Once the Appraiser inspects a property the money is then considered spent and you will be responsible for that payment should the loan not close within 30 days.

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Appraisal Costs

For non-jumbo loans this is typically $500 to $600; for jumbo loans this is typically $600 to $750. We will require that we have your signed loan disclosures returned and a credit card number on file before ordering your appraisal. In some rare cases, depending on the Appraiser’s request, a payment will be required up-front (BUT we will let you know should this be the case). FYI, the appraisal fee is included in the estimates we provide.


To plan for the appraisal please see Preparing For An Appraisal As A Seller. Obviously we know you’re not selling your home but the preparation and process is essentially the same. Please call us if you have any questions; otherwise, be on the lookout for a call from the Appraiser within the next 24 to 72 hours to schedule a visit. Please do your best to accommodate the Appraiser as soon as possible to ensure a smooth and quick closing. Once the Appraiser has visited the property the appraisal is then delivered to us in about 48 to 72 business hours, and upon receipt we will forward it to you.


We are unable to convey an estimated value to the Appraiser. In fact, we are not even allowed to directly communicate with the Appraisers; therefore, if you believe your home has a specific value then be sure to provide the Appraiser with the necessary evidence to support the value. Again, see Preparing For An Appraisal As A Seller.

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